Stretchy Stretchy, and another walk?

Somebody ran off into his room, to his baby bed, of all places!

There he is, half-asleep, glaring out the window.

“You found me.”

Once Mango see’s you there’s no chance he’ll stay sleeping. Sure enough, he’s getting up!

Stretchy stretchy time!

Mango’s milking this thing, getting tummy rubs, back scratches (we call them scritchies) on both sides. The full Spectrum!


We’ll take to upload a video of this for the full effect. Tough getting good shots with all the movement.

Ok, he’s officially awake! Time to try his new clothes on!

And the hoodie.

Now the other side…


Now for your mittens!

“Do I have to look at the camera?”


Ready for the late night stroll!

He’s back and ready for… who knows! There’s really no telling what he’ll want next!



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