My toys are here!

Well, not really toys. But, everything is potentially a Mango toy!

Somebody’s super excited! order with his kibbles, treats and a couple outfits!

He fell asleep on his little perch for a while which was nice so I could get a little work done. I put his new blanket up there, and it worked!

But, shortly after, I made too much noise and not only does he come running… he wants attention!

There’s a Mango on my legs!

Okay, okay. Let’s go outside!

Lots of people at the park. Lots of leaves to sniff around in!

He really blends in!


Back home. It’s sleepy time on his favorite pillow next to one of his favorite squeaky chew toys, Mr. Crocodile!

A little more warmth, please!

And, the snoring begins!

A little too warm!

That’s much better.

Foodie time!!

“Wait, is that food I smell?!?”

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