Mango’s New Bed

We just received Mango’s new bed today. It looks exactly like his very first one except for this one is the large size and so it’s rectangular shaped which is perfect because Mango has the standard dachshund build with a mixture Pug and Pomeranian face & neck.


Mango, Look!

Must be nice having 4 beds. I tell ya he’s living the life! But he deserves it,┬áhe’s such the little sweet heart. We are noticing how much he has grown. He is not fat per say, but he is thick. His chest is robust and when you look at his stomach area, it’s super tight. So, I guess the daily walks for exercise and not potty time are working. The last time we checked, he was 25.6 lbs.

Eventually I would like to get him to go outside but right now he is so used to the pee pads. And he’s only 1.5 years old so I think I have a little bit more time to train him.

He is getting so heavy, every time he jumps on my lap I try to pick him up and he feels the heaviest he’s ever been. And then he proceeds to lay over one of my shoulders and just chill there. Not a care in the world. It hurts like hell. But I’ll eventually have to teach him to just stay on the ground. His legs are so short we are afraid we will hurt him sometimes. He jumps from my shoulder to the kitchen table and we get so concerned he is going to hurt a little leg.


Look at those short legs compared to that long body.


Anyway, today’s another day, and we are hoping he learns something new. Everything else we’ve taught him from the beginning seems to be sinking in. Here’s to learning how to pee and poop outside only.

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