Mango’s Mini Vacation


We took a vacation to Socal last weekend and it was really funny. Three incidents come to mind when thinking about my mini vacay. We are from Norcal and hardly ever get out to the southern part of the state so this was a real treat. On our way there, I was pulled over for speeding. Apparently, when there is no speed limit sign, you are to go 55 miles per hour. I got clocked in at 73 MPH go figure. Anyway, as soon as the officer starts walking up to the car, Mango starts barking like crazy. We tried to calm him and he just kept on at it. It didn’t help our case, we still got a ticket. But it was funny nonetheless.


The second incident happened in our room. There was a duck laying eggs right outside our patio. The pregnant duck had a mate who was watching her and everytime we went outside, the male duck came running out to us so fast. He was protecting his pregnant duck. It was cute at first until he started getting hostile towards us and ran us back into our room arms up and cakawing at us. I have to admit I was a little more than frightened. That duck was mean. We wondered who would win a fight between the duck and Mango.


The last incident happened as we tried to walk mango in to Disneyland. We were so sure he would get in and then we got to the gate which was about a 15 minute walk from the car. He was so tired. Tongue hanging out and wagging so uncontrollably. Our poor Mango would not make it to see the inside of those gates. He was way too tired just from the walk to the gate from the car.

All in all it was nice to reset from our regular routine and I think Mango is getting used to these long car rides.

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