Mango’s Little Adventure

“Just follow me mom. We’re almost there”

Mango walking around the neighborhood. He loves to sniff his way to all the nearby dog’s houses. It’s quite smart actually. Yesterday we met 4 dogs and it was really fun to see him interact with them. There was one golden retriever named Galloway who was 3 years old. Mango doesn’t know how to play just yet. He does this weird crazy looking thing where he jumps at the other dogs and then runs away zig-zagging all over the place. Hahaha. I think it’s his way of playing. Galloway just sat politely staring at Mango go crazy. Then eventually he started doing the same thing. Mango started looking a little confused. Lol. It was too cute. Eventually we had to untie the leashes because they started getting knotted up. It was a nice day, not raining but grey, cloudy and wet.

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