He Just Won’t Let Go

Luckily, everything I’ve heard about Mango’s energy levels is true. People have told me not to worry about his rambunctious ways as it would level off when he turns 2. Mango turns 2 this Summer on July 20th. That is right around the corner. I am already planning a trip to Yosemite where he can run freely in the woods and lakes.

Lately, we’ve been surprised at how much he has changed since the first day we got him when he was so hyper and crazy. Often times, he will sit alone for hours without bothering us. We have to go look for him sometimes. Before he needed to be by us at all times.

Just this morning he put all 30 lbs of his body on my leg and refused to move so that I could get up and go to work. I think he knows my schedule now.

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