Doggie Dentist Part 3

Mango had to fast before his appointment. That means no chew sticks. No water. Not even a kibble! We hid it all, or tried to, behind door #2, below, which he quickly found and started his protest.

“I’m not moving until you give me my stuff back!”

At the Doggie Dentist, they had to put our poor little tiger to sleep to do the deep teeth cleaning.

But, the best news ever came from it!

No Cavities! Turns out, it was major plaque build-up which happened to be in the same exact spot on only 2 of his teeth. Happiest News Ever!

Boy was he tired afterwards. Slept quite a bit then slowly started to come out of it.

It’s gonna be ok Mango!

Eat your chew sticks, happy guy!

“Num! Num! Num! Num!”

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