Doggie Dentist Part 2

Don’t be scared Mango. It’s going to be ok.

“But I am scared.”

It’s ok. Here comes the Doctor!

Let’s sit up and pay attention.

Poor little guy is shaking.

Cute little belly!

So, he may very well have cavities. Sad face for all of us. We’re going back Wednesday for a mouth cleaning. Hopefully we’ll have good news! One thing’s for sure. We need to pay way better attention to his mouth.

Now on to the good part… New toys!

“Is this mine?”

Yes Mango. It’s your new toy! Let’s play!


I can’t keep up with him.

He got tired quick! Or, was that me?


Ok then. Chew stick time! Fresh off the shelf!

You are getting very sleepy… And….


he’s down for the count. Good night Mango!

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