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Cousin Han Solo

Today’s blog post is about pets and relationships in general. Does having a pet change the person you are and will become? I think all relationships in life change you. Every person you’ve ever met has had some sort of assistance in you evolution.

Take for instance Mango’s cousin, Han Solo. He is an adorable chubby cat who loves belly rubs and hugs. His orange coat often reminds us a lot of our own little Mango. However, if Mango had not had the chance to know his cousin Han Solo, would his personality evolve differently? It’s an interesting idea. I would say that yes, it would. He is not allowed in Han Solo’s play area or Han will scratch his eyes out. Mango, remembers this when he sees other cats outside. Being that he is only 1.5 years old, he has a lot of learning to do but repetition will help with that. However exhausting it gets to continuously reteach him everything until it sticks, it’s worth it to have a somewhat understanding dog (however far away that we are from that). Every time we visit Han’s house, Mango remembers the rules and I think he applies it to the stray cats around our neighborhood. He knows those cats are feisty little things and he is very careful around them albeit, with my constant yanks of his leash. He’s going to learn today!

If we applied this to my own relational experiences it also rings true. Relationships are always the reasons we do things; they change how we feel and therefore our outlook on life. I believe a varied group of friends and family are key to creating the most fulfilling life possible. And therefore, dogs and cats can definitely get along if they are taught how to from the beginning. This is super exhausting work and not for the faint of heart. If you do decide to get both (which I am highly thinking of), then I would prep myself for the amount of work it will take constantly teaching and reteaching them to get along.

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