Another Trip to the Doctors


My nipple was itchy for a couple of weeks. I made sure to scratch myself really hard and made sure to do it in front of my dad because he always knows what to do. He looked at my nipple and told my mom to take me to the doctor. On top of this, my armpits were a itchy mess and it was turning red something daddy was fussing over for the last couple of weeks. We all agreed it must be my harness getting too small for me.

So off to the doctor’s office we went. There was so much food there I got all the treats I wanted and mommy got some cookies and chocolates too. As soon as we walked in, mommy took me over to the scale and weighed me. I weigh 26.8 lbs. That’s pretty big for me as my ideal weight is supposed to be 25 lbs. Once we checked in with the pretty ladies at the front desk we were walked into the room where we seen the doctor.

After evaluating me he said I needed a bigger harness. One that wouldn’t be so tight that it rubbed off on my armpits. Mommy said it’s because I’m always yanking her and she can’t keep up on our walks. Maybe she’s right, but I sure wish we could go wherever I want and not on her little exercise journeys. But either way, I’ll take it, as long as she lets me sniff a bit here and there to my hearts content which she does most of the time.

The doctor then prescribed antibiotic pills for my mild nipple infection and  told mommy I need to get back down to 25 lbs. Daddy said we will both be on a diet together mommy and I. We also reupped on my flea & tick medication and my worms meds. It’s so nice they come in chewables and I only have to take the flea meds once every 3 months and the worm meds once a month. Unfortunately, the antibiotics were in pill form, yuck! Mommy ran out of pill stuffers and stuffed it down my throat. I was appalled. But I swallowed anyway just so she could leave me alone.

After I woke from my day nap which was longer than usual as I felt really funny since taking all these meds, we went for a walk in the rain. I love the rain even tho mommy hates to take me in it. When we got back she wiped me down with some floral smelling wipes and put some smelly ointment on my nipple. I cant wait to go to Petco and get my new harness. Daddy is excited too. Yippy!





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