Mango, Mr. Pug!

Mango is a tireless little Pug mix. The first time I met him, he jumped in my lap and peed on the ground. That was the first time he made me laugh and would not be the last.

Mango on day 1 riding home with us.

When we got home I tried to clip his long nails and accidentally over cut and blood started squirting everywhere. I grabbed toilet paper and pressed down on the nail bed. A few minutes later, the puppy was snoring softly. When we woke, Mango fell asleep on my pillow looking straight in to my eyes.

On day 2 of pet ownership, the vet told us to expect lots and lots of sleep. 20 hours a day, in fact! Over a year later, that has still yet to happen, not one time!

As we went about our days, we did all we could to bring Mango along with us to acclimate him into our lives as much as possible. At home, all we needed to do was look down, wherever we were, to see his big beautiful eyes staring up as us. It’s not that we didn’t want the attention or to play with him. It’s that we couldn’t possibly play with him all day, every single day!

Enter the chew stick!

After visiting the vet Saturday morning, the very next day bringing Mango home, one of the first places my wife wanted to go to was PetSmart. We were happy to speak with anyone willing to conversate, as our knowledge of dog products was very limited. We were fortunate to have a conversation with a knowledgeable employee who recommended chew toys to help with Mango’s teething. Specifically, chew sticks.

When we got home, we gave it a try. Wow, was Mango hooked! From the very first moment!

Mango chews everything!


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