Play Ball!


Our family and dog trainer told us not to give Mango tennis balls because the felt was not good for his teeth; But he just LOVES them. No other ball will satisfy him quite as well. In the last year or so, we’ve given him maybe a dozen tennis balls that we end up throwing away because he will eat it into shreds. So in order to save the ball just a little while longer before I can get to the pet store, we’ve started putting the nearly completely busted up tennis ball into long socks that we tie and throw around for him to fetch. He loves it.

It’s to the point of frustration sometime. Balling your fist works a little. Hiding your hand works well but if you’re laying down, he starts jumping on your stomach and it takes all my might not to get up and throw him across the room. Ultimately, I think crating him is the best way to bring him back from ultra play mode but my better half would rather let Mango be free and roam around like we do. Getting up and closing him out of the room works too if your OK with him barking like crazy to any neighbor within earshot. He’s from a puppy mill (We had no idea there were such places when we bought him home) so maybe that has something to do with it. He won’t let up. We’ve tried teaching him “enough!” with our palms up, but that doesn’t work ALL the time. When we are trying to work or relax, he comes over with his ball in his mouth and drops it right into our palms. Sometimes I’m at my desk and feel a ball and little fingers rolling on the top of my feet. My favorite is when he drops it on my face while I’m trying to sleep. How rude!

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