Picture Time!

Good boy! Clean your plate!

When is mama coming home? I’ll just wait here.

What’s that new toy? Does it squeak?!? Are you going to play with me?

Nobody wants to play with me. But, look at all my toys! Pick one and I’ll play with you!

Are you ready to go to the park?

Ahhhh! I’m tired. But I’m going to have pretty nails!

Ok, this isn’t fun anymore.

Yay! Outside time!!

I love this park!

Lounging at the park n the nice cool grass.


Look over there! Can we go over there? Can we can we can we? Pleasssee?

Come on. Let’s go!

What do you want? I don’t want to do anything. I’m tired.

Eat? I don’t want to eat. I want to play!

Look at my new toy! Want to play with it with me?!?

Yummy yummy hungry time!

Can we go in? Can we can we? pretty please?

Really? A picture now, in the middle of my walk?

Yay! A new place to walk! It’s so clean! I can’t wait to go dirty it up!! Come on.. This way!

Do we have to do this on the floor in the middle of the store? Soooo embarrassing!

Who turned off the lights?!?

This is exhausting. I don’r think I fit in this!

Spider-Mango, Spider-Mango! Flying through the air look at Spider-Mango!

Please.. if you see this… Help Me!

Who’s that sleeping in the hallway, just beyond the coffee table??

I love new toy day! Just wish they’d last longer. I can’t help chewing them to pieces!!

I new my new troy. Gonna keep it very close so no one tries to throw it out!

It’s been a long day of playing. Time to tuck in the little one!
Nite nite, Mango!

Go 49ers!

Wow!!! I’ve never been to the beach before!!

This looks like the perfect bathroom spot!

Ok, ok. I’m getting up. Does this count for being up?

Perfect place for my baby bed. Right in the sun!

Ohh, yeahh! Good night!

Let’s go get some fresh air outside… and sleep there too!

Now let’s come back inside. And completely pass out!

Gotta put on your raincoat when it’s raining outside.

Pose for the camera!

Teaching him how to jump up into the car

Now what do you want? I know it’s attention you crave! Do you want to play?

Are you just going to sit on me and chew on your toy? I feel so used!!

Spoiled rotten!

Just chillin’ in one of his favorite “chillin'” spots, apparently!

Talk about relaxing! That pose says ultimate comfort-ability!

Red alert! Nipple infection!

(Big yawn and stretch) “I’m living the life!” All I need is my ball!

Sleeping like a baby in the back seat! Still takes a while for him to relax when we put him back there. His bed cushion and blanket helps.

Mama went into the store. Our guard dog is keeping close watch! I’ve never realized how long that neck is!

Again in the back seat, sleeping like a baby! With Mr. Bear right along side him for warmth and comfort.

“Where.. where am I?”
Nothing like waking up drownsy from a deep “nap”

Annnnnd.. right back to sleep!

He’s trying so hard to keep his little eyes open.

But it’s just not working!

Say what???

Let me take a wild guess. You want to play. Is that right?

The Red candy cane must not have gotten my attention enough for his liking. It’s tennis ball time!

What are you doing now?!?

You and that candy cane of yours again!

Ok, let’s go outside and expend some of that energy, shall we?

Nice and warm out here. The sun beaming on your back gives it the prettiest color!

Annnd… back to, what else, your ball!

Now that’s a true day in the luxury lounging life of Mango!

Fast asleep passenger.

Gettin’ some sun!

Somebody’s lounging on my back. And the rest of him is on my shoulder!

Baby Mango in his baby bed with one of his first toys

Mango’s first Halloween “Get me outta this!”

Hiding out behind the chair!

Mango’s first stomping grounds were in the kitchen. He still has that crocodile to this day. One of the only toys, if not the only toy that has survived the wrath of Mango to this very day.

Another baby picture

Waiting for someone to come home.

Yummy crocodile!

2 toys? “I couldn’t make up my mind!”

I’m a Giants fan!

This is my missile. It’s one of my favorite toys!

That’s not a real Pug, Mango!

Mango outgrowing his baby bed. But he still loves it!

Look at the little baby!


Neuter day 🙁

Time to go for a walk in my new harness

I’m ready for the rain!

The sleeping sensation that is Mango!

I’m bored

Pretty Mango picture

Performing his favorite hobby


Please, I want to play!

New stuff!

I’m scared of heights

Sleeping right next to his crocodile

Just waking up. Stretching out to start the morning.

Check out my new outfit.

Mrs Pug!

You dropped your toy!

Somebody loves their ball.

And we’re on to our sunglasses chew toy.

Patiently waiting to go outside

Somebody wants to play

Yay! New chew sticks!

Yum yum chew sticks!

Mango at the park with his little friends.

Waiting for them to open the door 🙁

It’s the breakdancing Mango and Mr. Bear show! Guest-starring Mr. Crocodile and a ball!

Almost bath time.

Cinnamon toast crunch.. mixed with eggs?!? Mango’s intrigued!

Chew Chew Chew Sleep!

Whatever do you want, you adorable little face, you!

One too many cocktails last night!!

Lead the way!

Come and eat! Foodie Foodie time!

Little baby

Drink some water. Awe-gwa!

Little poop!

Back seat driver! Learning to hang out in the back while we drive.

What do you see? People?

Sleep time!

Yummy chew stick!

Hey! Gimme my show back!!

Look at those little legs!

Oh yeah. Gettin’ some sun!

What are you looking at?

What is it? What can I get for you, Mr. Mango?

I’m ready to go grocery shopping!

Mango! That’s your baby bed. You’re too big for that!

What do you see?

Sleeping with one eye open!

Why so serious? 🙂

Hi Mango!!

It was more cold outside that usual so Mango got to sport his new hoodie.

Nice big bed for a nice big nap after a nice long walk in the park.

Foodie time!

New toys! The force is with Mango!

He likes them!

Mango making more friends at the god park.

Definition of a lap dog. As long as he’s touching some park of us, he’s happy.

All curled up close by while we work.

Whoops! Caught me taking pictures!

New park! With water!!

Well hello up there!

Sun time!

Dog park time!


Sprawled out with all his little toys

Sleep spots!

Caught me taking pictures again!

Slowwwwly getting up.


Sleepy head

Tug-a-war time!

Hi Mango!


More Spider-Mango!

Who’s gonna protect the city? Asleep on the job Spider-Mango!

Hi Mango

Keep the force close, you should!

Too much foodie Mango!

Alert perching!

Too much Foodie Mango

Under the blanket sleepy to wake up time


Live entertainment for Mango!


Keep the ball close so no one takes it!

Do you want me to hold your chew stick? Huh? Is that what you want?

Mr passed out!

Yum yum Mr. Crocodile!

Yum yum Mr. Bear!


Sleep. Any and everywhere

Go Warriors!

Yummy time!

Fast asleep in the back seat.

Mango’s favorite toys

He wants to come up to the front but we’re trying to teach him to sleep in the back where there’s so much more room. Little cutie fell asleep on the armrest.

Vacation time! What did we do? Same thing we always do. Sleep! We took the mattress off the springboard so he didn’t hurt his little arms and legs jumping on and off.

Wake up and chew stick!

Back home in his favorite bed on his perch!

Bed transport!

Look at me! Don’t you want to play with me?

Ok, I give up.

Hide in the blanket Mango!

Mr. Little legs!

Can I have my leg back?



Wake up, play ball!

Who’s that peeking through the blankets?!?

Don’t look now! He wants something!

What do you want?


Mango! Whatcha doing?

All tucked in but getting too hot!

Car snoozing!

You bark at that cop! Shame on him for interrupting our trip. A speeding ticket? We were in the flow of traffic! Sigh

We made it to our mini vaca destination, and look who’s here to greet us!

Proceed with caution. There’s a pregnant goose out there he is protecting!

That goose chased Mango back into the house several times. Enough excitement for him for a while!

On the way home, sleepy time!

Back home. Still sleepy time!

Do you have enough toys to chew on at one time?

Yep. It looks like it!

Sleepy Sleepy!


He wants something!


Mr. Crocodile!

What’s out there? Squirrels? Birds? People?!!

Hello up there!

The force is near you!

Somebody’s overdue on nail trimming!

Mango what you looking at?

Boat bed!

Fast asleep on another car ride


Digging through his toy basket

Preoccupied with a chew toy

Pose for the camera!

Passed out

Somebody just woke up

Fast asleep on his perch, all tucked in!

He hardly ever used this bed

Curled up in a sleep ball!

Infrared catching Mango deep in his diva sleep. 4 blankets? Really??

Sleep Perch watchdog!

Sleep. Annnd, wake up and play.

Annd sleep

Annd, wake up!

Let’s go for a stroll!

Good boy!

Nail trimming time!

Yummy Candy Cane!


Nothing like looking out the window when we’re on the road!

Breaktime from the car

On the way home we pulled into an empty parking lot to cruise around 10 mph. What a rush!

Wheww! That was exhausting!

Well, hello!

Ate too much?

Yes? What can I do for you, Mr. Mango?

New toys!!!!

4th nap of the day. Playing with new toys will do that to ya!

Alert! What do you see?

Looks like we need some new squeaky tennis balls.

He looks so comfy!

Caught me taking a picture again!

Back to relaxing he goes!

Sorry to disturb your sleep, but it’s picture time!

All tired out!

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